Process and service cockpit

Do you have the overview?

Do you know exactly which processes and services each individual system in your company is responsible for? Would you know exactly what would no longer function smoothly or even fail if you changed something in a system or even switched it off completely?

Although the assignments are usually known for a few main systems, this becomes difficult across the entire system landscape. Even smaller systems can cause major damage if workflows no longer function properly.

So every change in the system landscape becomes a blind flight if the exact overview is missing. Of course, one could make it easy on oneself and pass on the responsibility to those responsible for the system. But how do you know who the business owners are if you don’t know which processes are affected by a system? Well – then I’ll just send an e-mail to all functional managers! But how are they supposed to know if the change affects their processes if not even the people responsible for the systems know? So no matter how you look at it, it’s still a blind flight.

If external services are also involved, which is becoming increasingly common in practice – just think of Office 365 – the situation becomes unmanageable.

Solution approach: The smart2project process and service cockpit

In practice, one often observes the phenomenon that changes are postponed further and further because one simply does not dare to approach them. But can you really afford that nowadays? We think NO, if you want to remain successful. It is existential to use the latest technologies, to increase the degree of digitalization and to implement legal requirements.

So with the Process and Service Cockpit, we have created the basis for being able to act in a targeted and secure manner. We transparently display all the links between the IT and infrastructure components and the processes and services. What’s more, we even put the risks on the processes and pass them on so that you can see which system is involved in critical processes (find out more about this in the risk cockpit).

Templates from smart2project


Template from the experience of projects carried out in the field of Industry

Industry Processes & Services

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Template from the experience of projects carried out in the field of Health

Processes & services of a hospital

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Cities and municipalities

Template from the experience of performed projects in the field of public administration

Public administration processes & services

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The Process and Service Cockpit also supports you in planning your improvements. After all, if you want to improve a process or a service, you also need to know in which system you will find the adjusting screws. One look at the cockpit and you know which systems you need to touch and which risks are associated with the change.

The process and service cockpit not only makes you more capable of making statements and taking action, but also more confident in your decisions.

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