Central data fundamentals

For every task you perform in your day-to-day work, you need data from the business. No matter if you start a project to introduce something new or if you initiate a change to modify something existing. Whether you need an overview of personnel, processes and services or infrastructure to use the information from it to derive strategies such as risk assessments or contingency plans. Data is the foundation of your work.

But where do you find this data? Most of the time, it lies in unstructured data silos that your colleagues have created in order to in turn use it to complete tasks. Finding these data silos is already very time-consuming, but you still don’t know what the quality of the content is. So you again have to laboriously obtain information about the completeness and timeliness of the data. But then they are still not linked in a meaningful way.

What if you had a central data fundamentals at your disposal in which all data from the areas of personnel, processes and services, and infrastructure were already meaningfully linked and structured? That would certainly save you a lot of time!

The core of smart2project is such a central data fundamentals, which is the basis for most of the tasks that shape your everyday work. Because everything in life is a project.