Everything in life is a project

Alles im Leben ist ein Projekt

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More and more internal and external resources and information have to be meaningfully integrated into projects and be available in the right place at the right time. However, the information often lies in confusing data silos, the contents of which are only known to a few.

What if there were project management software that could break down these data silos by providing a central data foundation that intelligently links information from the areas of staff, processes/services and infrastructure and then presents it in a clear and structured way?


Logical and value-adding components of an organisation

What if this information could then be made easily available to service management, risk management, portfolio management, workflow management, asset management and change management via project management?

What if this project management tool could map classic as well as agile and hybrid methodologies and all common process models such as Prince2, Scrum, Kanban etc., but does not force them, so that you can also go your own way?

What if this solution came from Germany and European regulations, such as the GDPR, were not a problem?

You think that doesn’t exist? Then you should take a closer look at this website!