It is not the strongest species that survives, nor the most intelligent, it is the one most able to adapt to change"

One software - many functions

smart2project is the platform for recognizing, evaluating and acting in order to actively shape change and manage the present.

We have built a tool that enables you to successfully implement future changes, projects, IT, infrastructure and changes.

With smart2project, you get a central cockpit that uses change and project management to build on your company data (personnel / processes & services / IT & infrastructure) as a central data foundation. Thereby you always keep the overview – also about the risks.

"A 360 degree view of the company data and its dependencies, up to the possibility of integrating it into project and change management. We therefore always have an overview and are furthermore able to provide information at any time."
* IT Manager, Hospital
"An absolutely sensible idea - meeting and coordination time have been drastically reduced at our company!"
*Scrum master, software company
"A combination of projects and changes to company data and processes has saved us from conflicts with other departments. From the planning stage, we know who should be informed."
* Project manager, industrial company
"A platform that does not act as an end in itself, but supports us in our daily work and saves useless activities. Induction and handover of employees have become much more efficient."
*Managing director, management consultancy
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