smart2success Community

Smart2success stands for smart and together. I am smart when I value the opinion of specialists.

I cannot be a specialist for all topics. That is why one of our core issues is to continue to build up and combine the knowledge of individual specialists. For good projects, I need good risk management and for this I need a clean presentation of my dependencies of the acting services. If I want to implement well-functioning changes, I need those responsible for the areas that are to be changed.

Expertise from the sectors and expertise on process models and application possibilities are discussed and further developed in our expert groups.

Be part of our community and be part of the future. Feel free to contact us directly.

The GPM Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e. V. is a non-profit professional association for project management and the German national representation of the International Project Management Association. smart2success supports the professional association, which was founded in 1979, as an active member.

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