Project management

The question of WITHWHAT

As already described under the point “Central Data Fundamentals”, smart2project breaks up the unstructured data silos. Thus, all information from the areas of personnel, processes and services, and infrastructure are available for project management in a central location, meaningfully structured and linked.

Thus, smart2project not only answers the questions WHO is needed for the project and HOW the project is carried out. But also the question WITHWHAT, i.e. with which infrastructure, with which data, via which interfaces etc., is clarified. And this is where smart2project differs decisively from most other project management solutions on the market, because the determination of the WITHWHAT is the biggest time eater in project management.

Orientation towards common project methodologies

smart2project is based on the common project management methodologies such as PRINCE2 or SCRUM and the different implementation options classic, agile or hybrid. If we break down the methodologies to the essential components, they differ “only” in the cycle of the process or the approach.

The use of smart2project is correspondingly free. With our solution, we provide you with a framework and structure, while you determine the detailed content yourself. smart2project becomes your project moderator.

Presentation quality in smart2project

Gantt charts are considered to be the most common and effective method of displaying activities (tasks and events) in a time-related manner. For this reason, the project representation in smart2project also takes place in the form of Gantt charts. However, this simply follows a certain standard in project management and is nothing special.

The situation is different, however, with the representations that result from the data links of the central data foundation. Here, dependencies of personnel, processes and services as well as the infrastructure can be displayed quickly and flexibly from within the projects. As a result, coordination processes are simplified, risks can be identified more reliably, and decisions can be made more quickly. The speed and quality of the project thus increase significantly.

The extended display options also provide a comprehensive overview of the project landscape, which significantly increases planning quality, monitoring options and the ability to provide information.

Successful project processes are stored in smart2project, so that the wheel does not have to be reinvented each time. In addition, processes and services pre-modeled by us from some industries can be used or imported.