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smart2project - the total solution

  • Project Management
  • Change management
  • Managing risks
  • Process and service management
  • Asset and SLA management
  • Incident and emergency management
  • Preparation of certifications

In the SaaS variant, it is made possible for all employees and, if required, external supporters to participate and collaborate. The license model gives you all the freedom to do this. Everyone in the organization as well as any necessary external service providers can collaborate without any problems.

A big advantage is that assets are imported automatically in your environment. These are linked to the services and assigned to the processes. This allows risks to be inherited and dependencies to be identified. Smart2success provides you with pre-filled industry databases or we create them together with you. In the templates, the processes and services are already pre-modeled – you save a lot of time!

We maintain your existing data simply and easily via our import function. Don’t let us duplicate data entries!

Furthermore, you have an overview of your processes, services and assets. You see where your risks lie. You have an overview of your projects and changes and you are always ready for information and work. Keep your projects & changes on track with us!

Paired with connectivity to AD or Azure AD, HR data is automatically made available to you.

Via our interval-controlled matching function, you are always informed whether a person is still active in the company.

You get the advantages of a standard tool with the freedom to add fields individually, without any programming effort – no-code solution.


Breaking down data silos

All data/information required for a project or change is available centrally in one place at the right time and can be incorporated into project management.

Orientation towards common project methodologies

smart2project is based on all common classic, agile and hybrid project methodologies, such as PRINCE2, KANBAN and SCRUM. The process methodologies are supported, but do not form a rigid corset.

Free connection options

The connection via the interfaces is completely open.

Templates / Industry solutions

Very flexible import and export functions also via Excel and .csv

Significant reduction of reconciliation costs

If all project attributes are not available centrally and clearly at all times, this causes additional coordination costs - usually in the form of meetings. They can be saved.

smart2project is the central data foundation that maps and intelligently links your company data (personnel, processes/services and infrastructure).


Our software smart2project is the tool to master the constant changes in work processes. Such changes can be personnel changes, new regulations, advancing digitalization, etc. – in other words, tasks that you can hardly avoid.


Even we don’t know what new challenges the world of work will bring in the next few years, but we do know what information you need to be able to react to the unexpected.

"A 360 degree view of the company data and its dependencies, up to the possibility of integrating it into project and change management. We therefore always have an overview and are furthermore able to provide information at any time."
* IT Manager, Hospital
"An absolutely sensible idea - meeting and coordination time have been drastically reduced at our company!"
*Scrum master, software company
"A combination of projects and changes to company data and processes has saved us from conflicts with other departments. From the planning stage, we know who should be informed."
* Project manager, industrial company
"A platform that does not act as an end in itself, but supports us in our daily work and saves useless activities. Induction and handover of employees have become much more efficient."
*Managing director, management consultancy
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Change management as a component of smart2project

Change management is always a project – so it is an important part of project management. Changes can take place in service management, in IT, in infrastructure or along the process chain.

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Project Change Management

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SMART* Benefits

Our definition of a smart approach to project management is reflected in our smart2project solution as follows:


With the smart2project solution, you get a scalable project management solution. In addition, the management of processes and services is simplified. 

Due to the customer-friendly licensing model, there are no limits to the use.

Start with the intuitive solution and use templates and sample content from smart2project.

Control the access and views of your employees via a clear user and rights management. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and clear rights and role models, smart2project requires minimal training and support.

With the multi-client capability and the associated data separation, managed service providers, consultants, service providers or even companies can centrally map and manage any number of organisations within our solution.

Scale according to your needs.


You always keep an overview of your projects and sub-sections.

Dashboards and central reports offer the possibility to evaluate your results at the push of a button.

Risks become controllable and minimised exactly where they arise.

This allows you to carry out your project in a more targeted and cost-efficient manner.

Management reviews have never been so quickly and easily prepared and immediately understandable for all participants.


The connection to existing solutions ensures that all data is always up-to-date.

Networking and reusing information without maintaining it separately and inconsistently in several data silos is the focus of smart2success.

Integrate your employees simply and easily via our AD connector / AD interface.

Additional structures can be integrated via Excel/csv – do not maintain data twice.

Further connections to useful synergy systems will follow continuously in the future.


Surveys have shown that up to 1/3 of meetings and sessions within an organisation can be saved through structured project management and the support of an associated software tool.

Use already proven smart2project content and templates from our subject specialists in the smart2success community and partner companies. This will save you time and money.

Success is always a joint effort.


Projects are carried out more cost-efficiently, more target-oriented and more reliable in planning within your company due to the intelligent support provided by smart2project.

Give your employees the best tool for the upcoming transformations and further developments within your company. The employees and the project management solution will thank you. “Everything in life is a project…”

With our 3-dimensional data foundation consisting of the personnel, the processes/services and the infrastructure, we can initiate, accompany and lead your change processes to success.

See for yourself and request our free 30-day trial from our cloud service today. On demand, secure and accessible everywhere.

* Our “SMART” approach is based on the “SMART Method” by Peter Drucker (management researcher and management consultant, 1909-2005).