With smart2project, we offer you an innovative project change management solution with numerous new approaches that make your work much easier. The core of the solution is a central data foundation that maps and intelligently links the three dimensions of corporate data (personnel, infrastructure and processes & services).

Is this description too abstract for you?

We would be happy to show you the advantages smart2project can offer you. Choose one of the events listed below:

May, 12th / 14:00 - 15:00

60 minutes that will enrich your working life! The way of working is changing, so the tools for it have to change - project change management rethought.

Webinar Content:

  • How can you make your daily work easier in a central platform smart2project?
  • We will show you the following:
    • Successfully implementing projects and changes – your tool
    • Managing assets – merging multiple sources
    • Managing the processes & services
    • What do risks have to do with it?

How can this be adapted to your needs in a software? No Code Solution