smart2project is the central data foundation that maps and intelligently links the three dimensions of corporate data (personnel, processes/services and infrastructure).

So, smart2project answers the questions:

  • Who? – Personnel, Active Directory (AD)
  • How? – Processes, services, procedures, templates
  • With what? – Infrastructure, data, information, connections, interfaces

In a complex corporate world, one often encounters many confusing “data silos”, i.e. unstructured collections of data.

The task is to break up and structure these data silos.
What if there were a central foundation that broke down the data silos, linked the data intelligently and then structured and presented it simply and clearly in your company?

smart2project is THE central foundation of your company on which our project management operates. Special areas such as change management or service management can also make use of this central unit (smart2project).

In this way, these areas can be used at any time in new or parallel projects in a simple and uncomplicated way. Recurring projects are saved, so that the knowledge of “how, when, who, where and with what” remains in the company even when employees leave.

Doesn’t exist? THERE IS!

“Everything in life is a project…”
If we break down the common project management methodologies (e.g. PRINCE2, KANBAN, Scrum) with the different implementation options (classic / agile / hybrid) to the essential component, they “only” differ in the cycle of the process or the procedure.

With our solution, we provide you with a framework and structure, while you determine the detailed content yourself.

  • Customer
  • Consultant
  • Auditor
  • Technology­partner


  • Management processes
  • Core processes
  • External services
  • Industry standards
  • IT
  • Infrastructure
  • Staff
  • Service provider
  • Templates
  • Project Management
  • Service- / Process Management
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Emergency Management


Breaking down the data silos

All data/information needed for a project is available centrally at the right time in one place and can flow into project management.

Orientation towards common project methodologies

smart2project is oriented towards all common classic, agile and hybrid project methodologies, such as PRINCE2, KANBAN and SCRUM The process methodologies are supported, but do not form a rigid corset.

Free connection options

The connection via the API interface is completely open.

Templates / Industry solutions

Very flexible import and export functions also via Excel and .csv

Significant reduction in reconciliation costs

If all project attributes are not available centrally and clearly at all times, this causes additional coordination costs - mostly in the form of meetings. These can be saved.

Change management as a characteristic of project management

Change management is always a project – so it is an important aspect of project management. Changes take place in
service management, in IT, in infrastructure or along the process chain. So you see once again that “everything in life is a project”.

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What challenges do I have in my daily work to implement changes?

You need a central foundation of linked data on which to plan and implement a change. To do this, you need to consider what impact the change will have on the organisation, customers and suppliers.

  1. Which systems / system groups are to be subject to a change?
  2. Which processes and services will be affected?  Who is responsible for them? (Software has the process and service owners) Who else knows all of these?
  3. What risks will arise for the organisation, possibly contingency plan. Derivation from the process and service risks (maximum principle)
  4. The approval process is managed and documented by the software (no one is forgotten).
  5. The implementation takes place and everyone can plan their time better through the comprehensive targeted information and costs can be saved. You have heard the phrase “no one knows what anyone else is doing” or “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”. No matter what you call it, it is expensive and your personal reputation goes down the drain. Do we want that, or do we get a tool/software that excludes these situations as best as possible? smart2success

The implementation takes place and everyone can plan their time better through the comprehensive, targeted information and costs can be saved. You know the
certainly heard the phrases:

“no one knows what anyone else is doing” or “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing”.

No matter what you call it, chaos in change management is expensive and your personal reputation suffers enormously. Surely you would like to avoid this. With smart2project, we offer a tool that eliminates the problems described above in the best possible way.