Press release smart2success – August 2022

Why reinvent the world over and over again?
Project management that works for everyone – because everything in life is a project.

The software vendor smart2success GmbH, from Lower Saxony, a foundation of KrejoConsult and EgoMind, is starting the next phase of software development.

“The goal is to enable a project management solution that everyone can understand and use. Projects that have been successfully implemented once can be used again and again in the organisation,” says Jörg Kretzschmar, managing director of smart2success GmbH. Projects include changes in the company, new development of products and services. If important internal or external employees no longer work for the company, the knowledge of internal and external projects and processes remains in the authority or the company. New internal standards are quickly built up and established. “In project management, we do not only consider the obligation of documentation, but with our solution we want to enable higher flexibility, clear transparency on responsibilities, new ways for optimisations, as well as more joy in successes,” Daniel Döring, Managing Director of smart2success GmbH, states.

The beta test with selected customers and partners will start at the end of August 2022. By October 2022, project, service and change management will be available in version 1.0. The solution becomes really interesting through the content delivered with the software. Industry-related process and service structures, procedural instructions and special modules in which partners can store their data structures. In this way, the customer does not start from scratch, but the data is only adapted to his needs. In 2023, modules such as risk and emergency management, BCM will complement the portfolio.
The web-based software is offered both as a SaaS solution and on-premises to meet the needs of our customers. With its multi-client capability, smart2success offers service providers and managed service providers the opportunity to generate additional added value for their customers.

Sales of the smart2success project management solution in Europe will be handled by sales and technology partners.

From October 2022, smart2success GmbH will launch the product on the market.

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